Better Support Needed for Patients in Chronic Pain

Thank you for publishing the summer 2018 Kansas City Medicine edition highlighting the impact of the opioid crisis. The Center for Practical Bioethics recognizes that the lives ravaged by addiction and the lives destroyed by pain are both major U.S. health concerns. The moral obligation to serve and protect the interests of persons whose lives are devastated by the misuse of opioid medications weighs heavily upon society as do our duties to serve the millions of those who live with debilitating chronic pain.

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Inspiring Leadership: Dr. Joshua Mammen

This week’s discussion is with Dr. Joshua Mammen Surgical Oncologist at the University of Kansas, Vice-Chair, Division Chief of Surgical Oncology, Associate Program Director of the General Surgery Residency and the Kasnas City Medical Society Board Chair. 

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Dr. Stefanie Ellison

We asked our Leadership Council a few questions to get insights on their philosophy of practice and to learn a bit about their background. Here is our Q & A with Dr. Stefanie Ellison. 

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