People in Greater Kansas City Need Your Help

Too many people in our Kansas City community delay or go without needed care, or take on burdensome debt because they don’t have health insurance. Perhaps they work for small businesses that don’t offer insurance, and they don’t qualify for Medicare, Medicaid or other government programs.

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What We Ask

The Kansas City Medical Society Foundation invites you as a specialty physician to consider donating services to patients in need through Metro Care (Missouri) or Wy Jo Care (Kansas). You can determine how many patients you are willing to take on in any given time frame. We can work with you to help make volunteering a reality that is manageable for you. All we ask is a desire to help.

Our Promise to You

  • Referrals are carefully screened before they reach you. Patients are referred to Metro Care and Wy Jo Care by safety net primary care clinics around the Kansas City area. We then screen each referral to ensure that they meet the requirements requested of our specialty providers.
  • We support you and the patient throughout the length of treatment. For example, we can help arrange for language interpretation.
  • If needed, we can help arrange for allied provider services including hospital care, laboratory work and physical therapy.
  • Most importantly, you will receive the immense satisfaction of helping people improve their health. Wy Jo Care and Metro Care patients universally are most grateful for the service you provide.

To learn more or to set up a time to meet, contact Karole Bradford at

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