The KCMS Foundation is developing these community health programs:

  • The Wellness and Prevention Committee, founded and chaired by Betty Drees, MD, is a joint Society-Foundation initiative that convenes around issues of community health to leverage the aligned resources of both Society and Foundation. Members include Ed Ellerbeck, MD; Daphne Bascom, MD; and Alan Forker, MD.
  • An Education-to-Employment Pipeline to support the development of multilingual, multicultural health professionals in Wyandotte County, through the Wyandotte County CHIP Health Access Strategy.
  • The KCMS Retired Physicians Organization, originally founded as the John Locke Society, provides community health literacy education, support and mentoring for medical students, and engagement of retired physicians.
  • The Vaccination Task Force works to increase the number of children and adults receiving their recommended vaccinations.

Watch for upcoming news and announcements about these programs.