2015 Member-Recognition Awards

Information on the four new member-recognition awards given to deserving members at the KCMS Annual Meetings, and their winners for 2015. Click on the post title to continue reading.

Metro Med event provides practical advice to medical residents

Metro Med event provides practical advice to medical residents As any physician knows, residency is all about soaking up as much medical knowledge and experience as possible – and then some. That schedule doesn’t leave much time for learning about the school of hard knocks – the inevitable twists and turns that life throws at you in the real world. For several years now, the Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City (Metro Med) has gathered local medical residents to give them practical advice on managing their affairs once they start earning a paycheck. The society co-hosted this year’s event on August 21 with Country Club Bank. The evening event took place at the bank’s corporate offices on the Country Club Plaza, and it featured three speakers: * Dr. Lancer Gates – a hospitalist and president of Metro Med * Dr. Mandy Prather – an anesthesiologist at Menorah Medical Center * Dr. Brian Healy – a retired orthopedic surgeon What follows is the advice each physician provided on the theme of “If I knew then what I know now.” Gates There are no shortcuts to success, Gates said. One key, he said, is to never stop learning and thinking. It is best, Gates said, to absorb knowledge from as many individuals as possible. “We can learn a lot from a lot of different people,” he said. Getting ahead also means working harder than the next guy and leading by example. It also means taking risks, and if they don’t work out, he said, just chalking it up to experience and moving ahead. “If you fail, you fail,” he said,...