Attention physicians who live or practice in Missouri: Missouri Medicaid expansion is at risk.

The Missouri House of Representatives on April 1 passed a state budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 that denies funding for the Medicaid expansion that was approved by 53% of voters last August. The budget legislation has been sent to the Senate where it also must be approved. Please contact your state senator and the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee and ask them to restore funding for Medicaid expansion. (Note that KC-area senators Arthur, Cierpiot, Luetkemeyer and Washington are members of the Appropriations Committee.)

A = Appropriations Committee Member …………………………….. Boldface and KC Area Note = Senator from Kansas City Area

Senator (Party-District)Phone EmailAppropr
Comm Member
KC Area Represented
Lauren Arthur (D-17) Clay
Justin Brown (R-16) 
Mike Cierpiot (R-08) Jackson
Sandy Crawford (R-28) 
Bill Eigel (R-23) 
Karla Eslinger (R-33) 
Dan Hegeman (R-12)
(Appropr. Chair) &
north to Iowa
Denny Hoskins (R-21) 
Lincoln Hough (R-30) 
Tony Luetkemeyer (R-34)
Karla May (D-04) 
Greg Razer (D-07) SW Jackson
Jeanie Riddle (R-10) 
John Rizzo (D-11) NE Jackson
Barbara Anne Washington (D-09) Jackson
Brian Williams (D-14) 

In your message, please ask senators to restore funding for Medicaid expansion in the budget. Please emphasize:

  • Medicaid expansion has been approved by the voters and we must abide by the will of the voters.
  • The Governor included funding for Medicaid expansion in his recommended budget.
  • As a physician, you are concerned about people‚Äôs access to needed health care and ability of people to stay healthy and remain productive members of the workforce and society.

Right now, senators will be watching the amount of sentiment they hear from constituents on either side of this issue. This is the ideal time to speak out and make the physician voice heard.

If you have questions, please contact Karole Bradford,

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