In 2020, Missouri offers has expanded voting by mail to accommodate special needs created by COVID-19. Absentee voting availability is expanded, and a “no excuses” mail-in ballot has been added. To request an absentee or mail-in ballot, contact your local election authority. Requests for absentee or mail-in ballots must be received at your local election authority by Wednesday, July 22.


  • Absence on election day from the jurisdiction in which the individual is registered to vote
  • Employment by an election authority at a location other than the voter’s polling place
  • Incapacity or confinement due to illness or physical disability
  • Have or are at risk of complications from COVID-19. Some of the acceptable risks (see complete list in the chart below):
    • 65 years or older
    • Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
    • Series heart condition
    • Diabetes

NOTE: Voters also may vote absentee in person at their local board of elections office up to six weeks prior to the election. Check with your election board for details and hours.


  • Option available to all, however the ballot must be notarized

Local Election Authorities in the Missouri Portion of the KC Metro Area

Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners (
Absentee ballot request 
Mail-in ballot request
Return application to: 30 W Pershing Rd., Lower Level B, #2800, Kansas City, MO 64108

Jackson County Election Board (
Absentee ballot request:
Mail-in ballot request
Return application to:  P.O. Box 296, Independence, MO  64051

Clay County Election Board (
Absentee or mail-in ballot request
Return application to: 100 W. Mississippi St., Liberty, MO 64068

Platte County Board of Elections (
Absentee or mail-in ballot request:
Return application to:  P.O. Box 560, Platte City, MO  64079

More details on Missouri absentee and mail-in voting are available from the Missouri Secretary of State website or from the chart below (click on image to enlarge):