Attention Patients: It’s Safe to See Your Doctor

Have you delayed seeking medical care—urgent or non-urgent—because you’re afraid of visiting a clinic or hospital out of fear of contracting COVID-19? Your physicians of the greater Kansas City area want to let you know: It’s safe to see the doctor.

We remind you about the importance of keeping up with your medical care:

  • Seek emergency care if you are having chest pains or signs of stroke
  • Consult your physician about pain or other symptoms that could get worse or be a warning of a serious illness if you leave them untreated
  • Keep up with your child’s immunizations, so your child is protected against major infectious diseases. Learn more
  • Continue your care for any chronic conditions you have such as high blood pressure or diabetes—so these remain under control and don’t cause you further harm

Your physician’s office and Kansas City-area hospitals have put in place many safeguards to protect all of us from the spread of COVID-19:

  • Avoiding or minimizing time in the waiting room
  • Everyone—staff and patients—wears a mask
  • Regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  • Pre-screening and temperature checks for COVID symptoms
  • When appropriate for your symptoms and needs, completing your appointment over your smartphone or computer using telemedicine

Don’t risk your health! Get care when you need it!

Don’t have a physician? See this list of area health system physician directories.

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