The Kansas City Medical Society Board of Directors met at the society’s office at 315 Nichols Road, on June 27th, at 6:00 pm. Here are the highlights from that meeting:

  • David Garrett from Blue KC gave an update on CPC+ and the Kansas City Market. He mentioned that this program starts January, 2017, and will continue for 5 years. He explained that, in selected markets, it pays Medicare fee-for service providers in new ways. He also stated that the goal is to enhance primary care models. Blue KC will know on July 15th if the Kansas City market has been selected. If selected, practices can apply for one of two tracks which are outlined on an accompanying handout. (Click here to see handout.) He then mentioned that these models are less fee-for-service and more fee-for-value, and that this will count as an alternative payment model.
  • Dr. Salanski drew attention to a map from the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City, which shows all of those cities who have passed the Tobacco 21 ordinance and where it is up for discussion next.(Click here to view map.) He stated that KCMS has sent out a letter of support, and that we will be sending out communication to physicians who live or work in the communities where it is coming up for discussion. He added that we will do everything we can to support this on both sides of the State Line.
  • Dr. Willimann gave an update on the Vaccination Task Force, stating that its members have met twice now. The first meeting was with Dr. Wharton of the CDC, and the second was a strategy meeting. She presented a plan of action to the board, which explained that the task force would like to reach out to providers and practices in the area to ask them to participate in this quality improvement project. It was noted that the task force has decided to focus its efforts on increasing HPV vaccination numbers for right now, and may add others to its scope of efforts in the future. The board voted on and approved this plan of action.