Past KCMS Honorees

Past KCMS Honorees2019-10-02T01:13:41+00:00


Lifetime Achievement Award – Randall B. Hudson, MD, and George E. Stamos, MD

Rising Star Award – Christine Park White, MD

Patient and Community Advocate Award – Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH, DIMPH

Innovation Award – Daniel S. Durrie, MD

Community Service Award – North Kansas City Hospital

Exemplary Leadership Award – Arthur D. Snow, Jr., MD, and Richard B. Warner, MD



Lifetime Achievement Award – Richard Hellman, FACP, FACE

Friend of Medicine Award – Kansas State Sen. Jim Denning

Rising Star Award – Joanne Loethen, MD, MA

Patient and Community Advocate Award – Sheila McGreevy, MD

Innovation Award – Sukumar Ethirajan, MD



Lifetime Achievement Award – Gary Pettett, MD, FAAP

Rising Star Award – Casey Willimann Rives, MD

Patient and Community Advocate Award – Bridget McCandless, MD, MBA, FACP

Community Service Award – Glenn R. Hodges, MD



Lifetime Achievement Award – Ali A. Arbab, MD, FACS , and Michael A. Montgomery, MD, FACC

Friend of Medicine Award – Charlie Shields

Rising Star Award – Eleanor Lisbon, MD, MPH, CPI

Patient and Community Advocate Award – Rebecca Hierholzer, MD, MBA, FACEP

Innovation Award – Hellman & Rosen Endocrine Associates

Community Service Award – Scott Kujath, MD, FACS



Lifetime Achievement Awards – William A. Reed, MD, and Charles W. Van Way, III, MD