Deadline approaching for Missouri convention resolutions

Are there issues of concern to you on which organized medicine should be taking action? Public health issues? Insurance matters? Practice concerns? The resolutions process gives physicians a chance to present topics for consideration by organized medicine.

Each year, resolutions are submitted by local medical societies and individual members to the Missouri State Medical Association and Kansas Medical Society conventions. The MSMA convention will be held April 3-5 in St. Louis; the KMS convention will be held September 25-26. Many resolutions approved by MSMA and KMS are forwarded to the American Medical Association meetings for further consideration; others are implemented at the state level.

KCMS encourages members to participate in the resolutions process by presenting ideas for resolutions. If you would like to have your resolution introduced by the Medical Society at the upcoming MSMA meeting, please submit your idea by Tuesday, February 11, to Emily Whalen, director of membership and events, at If you prefer to submit your resolution directly to MSMA, the deadline for submitting resolutions to MSMA for inclusion in convention materials is Tuesday, February 18, at 5 p.m. More information on MSMA resolutions and how to submit.

Here are the topics of resolutions approved by MSMA in 2019:

  • Age restriction on youth tackle football
  • Health care needs of children of incarcerated parents
  • Creation of MSMA Women Physicians Section
  • Support for bleeding control training in schools
  • Sexual health education in Missouri public schools
  • Abolishing prior authorization requirements for opioid use disorder treatment
  • Supporting common sense climate change legislation
  • Study of physician and trainee suicide
  • AMA delegate term limits

Need tips on how to write a resolution? See MSMA resolution writing guidelines

Watch for information on Kansas resolutions prior to the KMS convention.