We believe there is no greater issue facing our community than addressing health disparities and expanding the number of people in our community who can access healthcare. Medicaid expansion offers a great opportunity to make care accessible to some 165,000 Kansans. As a leader in the Greater Kansas City area, we invite you and your organization to stand with us by partnering with us on our January 13, 2022 webinar, Medicaid Expansion in Kansas: The Path Forward in 2022. As a Webinar Partner, we ask that you:

  1. Add your agency’s name to the event to be included on promotional items.
  2. Commit to bringing 3 people to attend the webinar [staff, board, community member]. 
  3. Promote the event within your network and on social media.

Thank you in advance for your interest and commitment to ensuring we are doing everything we can to expand health access in community!

Webinar Partner Commitment

*For our nonprofit partners, it should be noted that this event is considered issue education in order to support your agency leadership in understanding and promoting education on this issue. The event will not meet the IRS definitions for either grassroots or direct lobbying under the H election standards.