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Kansas City Medical Society Member Benefit

We are pleased to inform you that the Kansas City Medical Society has developed a special program to offer a 15 to 25% discount on professional liability insurance (medical malpractice insurance) to members in good standing. This program will help your practice to significantly reduce costs, while providing superior coverage through NORCAL Mutual. If you are already insured with NORCAL Mutual, but not through the Keane Insurance Group, you will need to sign a broker of record letter to receive the benefits of this program.

Please note there is no application necessary to receive a quote, simply fill out this CAQH authorization form and Tom McNeill, Program Manager at the Keane Group, will contact you with your quote. If you credential with someone other than CAQH, call Tom at (816) 474-4473, or email him at: to discuss what information is needed to provide you with a quote.

Some of the many benefits available are:

  • A 15 to 25% society credit is available to all members in good standing in addition to normal applied credits
  • NORCAL Mutual has been “A” rated by A.M. Best for 29 years
  • National carrier not dependent on one market or region
  • Mutual carrier that is non-assessable and often pays dividends
  • Carrier originated as a physician-owned and directed company — every step of the way they have protected physicians’ interests as if they were their own

We know you will find this program beneficial to your practice.

Please contact Tom McNeill at 816-474-4473, or email him at if you have any questions regarding this program.

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