Kansas City Medical Society Endorses Medicaid Expansion in Kansas and Missouri

The physicians of the Kansas City Medical Society have identified access to health care as their number one priority of 2019 and are advocating for Medicaid expansion in Kansas and Missouri during the 2020 legislative sessions.   On behalf of the 3,400 physician members of KCMS, we call on our legislators to support Medicaid expansion in Kansas and Missouri. Physician members of KCMS believe Medicaid expansion is important because: Patients can be treated sooner if insured, and the end cost is lower. Our community’s economy is directly linked to its health. It’s important that low-income people get the healthcare they need to keep working and taking care of their families. As Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. Surgeon General, shared at our November 2018 annual meeting, a community’s health and economic prosperity are linked.   Physician members agree that a major barrier to delivering care is health insurance or ability to afford health insurance.  Uninsured patients end [...]

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Physician Burnout

The Kansas City Medical Society takes physician burnout seriously. From learning about the latest in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and polling our members on ways their organizations are dealing with stress - we are making Physician Burnout one of our 2019 priorities.

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