Better Support Needed for Patients in Chronic Pain

Thank you for publishing the summer 2018 Kansas City Medicine edition highlighting the impact of the opioid crisis. The Center for Practical Bioethics recognizes that the lives ravaged by addiction and the lives destroyed by pain are both major U.S. health concerns. The moral obligation to serve and protect the interests of persons whose lives are devastated by the misuse of opioid medications weighs heavily upon society as do our duties to serve the millions of those who live with debilitating chronic pain.

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MetroCare and WYJOCare

Physicians Needed to Provide Specialty Care to Uninsured Patients Through Metro Care, Wy Jo Care. Programs coordinate care; each physician determines the number of cases to accept. Nearly 175,000 people in the Kansas City metropolitan area—8.4 percent—are uninsured.1 That means when a medical crisis arises, they are likely to have to delay care or take on potentially crippling debt. You can help meet this need by donating a few hours a month to the Medical Society’s charitable care programs, Metro Care in Missouri and Wy Jo Care in Kansas. Both programs operate under the Kansas City Medical Society Foundation.

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Retired Physicians

Retirement usually brings time for travel, grandchildren and hobbies, along with new ventures such as second careers or nonprofit volunteering. But perhaps in retirement you miss collaborating with medical colleagues, and would like to interact with other physicians about current medical issues or other matters of interest. If so, the Retired Physicians of the Kansas City Medical Society have something for you.

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Restrictive Covenants – Event

Join experts from the Kansas City Medical Society to discuss restrictive covenants and the impact on continuity of care and competition.  There is a lot of chatter on the medical community about restrictive covenants.  Anything from geographic impact, length, the timing of signing the contract and enforceability. The Kansas City Medical Society is bringing experts together to discuss these covenants and what they mean to your practice and their  impact on patients. 

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Marijuana Is Not a Prescription Medicine

Marijuana Is Not a Prescription Medicine  Information Briefing from the Kansas City Medical Society THREE PROPOSALS will go before Missouri voters on the November 6, 2018 ballot to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This document from the Kansas City Medical Society is designed to inform the public about these proposals, what is known and not known about the effects of marijuana, and the considerations on why we and other physician organizations recommend voting against these proposals.

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