We love to hear stories of how the Kansas City Medical Society, via the work of the Kansas City Medical Foundation changes lives. Our partners at El Centro, recently put some of our stories in their newsletter. We are happy to see ways we are having an impact in the greater Kansas City community. Click on the PDF’s below to see the entire story.

Patient Oscar Gutiérrez is just one of these success stories.

Success Stories from the Kansas City Medical Foundation

“For the past couple of years Oscar Gutiérrez has had been living with pain in his right knee. He is uninsured and did not have the resources to find a private doctor for his knee problem. At Swope Health Wyandotte, where Oscar goes for care, he was referred to the WyJo Care program to see a specialist. Our Health Navigator Erica and Intake Specialist Lorena were able to help Oscar in the process, by providing interpretation at the much-awaited appointment. They were able to attend his appointments before, during and after his surgery, helping coordinate his care along the way. Here is what Oscar wanted to share about his experience: “I want to thank the WyJo Care program and staff from El Centro for having supported me for my surgery on my right knee, helping me cover the cost of the surgery and medicine.” Oscar said. “I give thanks to the surgeon and his team; may God bless you and shower you with blessings. Sincerely, ~Oscar Gutiérrez.”

This story from Maria, is another success story from the Kansas City Medical Foundation.

Success Stories from the Kansas City Medical Foundation

“At the beginning of the year, we received a notice that Maria, a WyJo Care recipient, was going to see Dr. Bruce Snider, a gynecologist at Olathe Women’s Center. Maria was facing an emergency as her uterus had prolapsed, leaving her in pain and discomfort. Through our partnership with WyJo Care, we were able to provide medical interpreting and coordination for Maria. Over the next few months, Maria had two operations and many follow-up appointments. Just earlier this month she had her final appointment and says “estoy mucho mejor” (I’m much better). WyJo Care is only able to provide patients like Maria with access to specialty care not available at safety-net clinics due to the generous and compassionate providers that donate their time and services. For patients like Maria who are Spanish speaking, our Health Navigators are able to provide needed medical interpreting and care-coordination, working with WyJo Care recipients before, during, and after their appointments to ensure they understand and follow-up with their doctors accordingly. Thank you to the staff at WyJo Care, Dr. Snider, and the staff at the Olathe Women’s Center for helping Maria during such a difficult time in her life.”

Our partnerships with organizations like El Centro, and members of the Kansas City Medical Society are making a difference to patients in our metro!

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