Meet the staff of the Kansas City Medical Society

I find our work inspiring. The compassion of our partner docs, the diligence of our referral partners, and the commitment to care — it is amazing what can happen when people reach across sectors work together.

Angela Bedell, Executive Director

Kansas City Medical Society and Foundation is uniquely situated to support doctors and the emerging health infrastructure needs of our bi-state community. This is an exciting place to work.

Karole Bradford, Chief Program Officer

Through our physician collaboration and the Foundation, we are bringing medicine back to its true purpose which is to help people.

Emily Whalen, Project Manager

I am inspired that I am able to work with our membership by facilitating communications with our physicians that are constantly working towards improvements in medicine.

Jesse Osman, Director of Membership and Events

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to support a program that provides needed care through volunteers doctors who make a significant impact in their communities.

Natalie Lynch, Provider Relations Director

What inspires me… knowing that there are still good people in the world who are willing to help patients who otherwise would have no access to healthcare.

Stephanie Lopata, Referral Manager