June 10th marked the first meeting of the Vaccination Task Force, a collaborative effort of the Kansas City Medical Society and the WyJo Medical Society. This task force is looking to increase vaccination rates for several types of vaccines, but is focused on the HPV vaccine in particular.

We would like to share some informational resource links with you regarding vaccine rates in the Kansas City area, and other vaccine-related information:

From EZIZ.org:

From the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit:

From the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services: 

HPV Vaccination is Cancer Prevention PDF Presentation

From the American Academy of Pediatrics:

HPV Champion Toolkit

From the Immunize Kansas Coalition:

Immunize Kansas Coalition HPV Vaccine Toolkit – Here you will find several resources related to the HPV vaccine, including:

  • Educational videos,
  • Links to webinars,
  • Articles and informational documents
  • Strike 3 Against HPV Toolkit
  • Clinician Resources and Talking Points
  • Links to other resources
  • Print and Share Materials
  • And more!

Sample HPV Resources – A combined PDF file of resources from the Immunize Kansas Coalition and NCI-designated Cancer Centers.

Introduction to Immunize Kansas Coalition PDF Presentation

Human Papillomavirus–Associated Cancers — United States, 2008–2012- July 8, 2016 Report from the CDC

HPV Vaccine: It’s Necessary-Video from the Immunize Kansas Coalition HPV Toolkit:

We would like to give special thanks to Cathy Sullivan, Chief, Bureau of Immunizations (Missouri) and Phil Griffin, Deputy Director, Bureau of Disease Control (Kansas) for helping to provide us with this list of resources.