On July 22, the Missouri Supreme Court overruled a lower court ruling and unanimously upheld Medicaid expansion for the State of Missouri.

After years of Missouri legislatures refusing to support expansion, a coalition of community health organizations helped to get the issue on the August 2020 ballot. A majority, 53%, voted in support of the initiative, extending coverage to approximately 275,000 low-income Missourians.

The ruling affirmed that “DSS has appropriation authority to provide services for all individuals eligible for MO HealthNet, including individuals eligible for coverage and services pursuant to” the amendment.

Karole Bradford, CEO of the Kansas City Medical Society Foundation, stated:

“We are thrilled that today’s ruling upholds the will of the voters to expand eligibility and help hundreds of thousands of our fellow Missourians access high-quality healthcare. Medicaid expansion will go a long way in providing increased access to services and reducing health disparities in our state.”

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