The Kansas City Medical Society advances the practice of medicine and works to improve the health of people throughout greater Kansas City. We advocate for physicians and medicine and promote public health for the Kansas City region. For physicians, we provide educational programs, offer networking opportunities and more. The Medical Society coordinates the delivery of over $8 million in donated charitable care annually to uninsured individuals through the Kansas City Medical Society Foundation. We serve Jackson County, Clay County and Platte County in Missouri, and Johnson County and Wyandotte County in Kansas.

News & Events

KCMS Urges Schools to Adopt Masking Policy

The Kansas City Medical Society has sent a letter to 17 area school districts along with local public health departments, urging schools to adopt a masking requirement for the 2021-22 school year.

Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Medicaid Expansion

On July 22, the Missouri Supreme Court overruled a lower court ruling and unanimously upheld Medicaid expansion for the State of Missouri, upholding the will of the voters from the August 2020 election, and extending needed health care coverage to 275,000 Missourians.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myth vs. Fact

With a host of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines circulating, here are possible responses to popular myths you might hear from your patients, friends or family. Get the facts and be safe.