The Kansas City Medical Society is sponsoring or co-sponsoring three resolutions for presentation to the Missouri State Medical Association House of Delegates April 3-5. Click on the links to see the full text of each resolution.

  • Surprise Medical Billing—Calls on MSMA to work to eliminate credentialing of exclusively hospital based health care providers at in-network hospitals, and promote reimbursement of their services at fair market-value.
  • MoHealth Net Network Advocacy—Calls on MSMA to work for state requirements that any hospital system that accepts Medicaid payment for inpatient services also credential all its employed outpatient physicians.
  • Affordable Insulin (co-sponsored with medical students statewide)—Calls on MSMA and AMA to work for legislation capping out-of-pocket costs for insulin.

Your comments on these resolutions are welcome. Please send to Emily Whalen, director of membership and events,

Would you like to represent your medical society at the MSMA House of Delegates? A few slots are still open. Contact to sign up. Learn more about the MSMA House of Delegates.